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Sunbelt International - SUNB

$SUNB Profiled Sizzler Full Company Profile

Sunbelt International – SUNB Wind & Solar Energy Solutions

Did You Know??
A single 2.5 MW wind turbine can produce enough clean electricity each year to power

approximately 625 American homes.
Below is a link to what Promithian Mining will be utilizing these water turbines from SUNB

SUNBELT-Business Description
Sunbelt International is a company that provides energy alternatives.
We are a progressive company that provides clean, renewable sources of power generation. We provide remote, urban and industrial clients the means to save money, reduce environmental impact and realize their sustainable living goals. We want to expand our company worldwide; through this growth, we can set higher objectives, serve more people, increase our knowledge base, and further our mandate.
Sunbelt International manufactures high quality Wind Turbines and Solar Prowinder Hybrids in China. A Prowinder Hybrid has a Wind Turbine to harness wind energy as well as having solar panels to accept the suns energy. We want to promote a progressive renewable energy solution that will empower individuals, companies, and communities to develop and their own wind energy as an environmental sustainable asset.

The amount of energy that goes into creating solar panels is paid back through clean electricity production the range of 1.5 – 4 years, depending on where they are used.
Commercial and Residential

Wind & Solar Energy Solutions
Wind generator – 300 – 500 watts hybrid
Wind generators – 300 – 600 watts hybrid
Wind generators – 400 & 600 watts hybrid
Wind generators – 1,000 watts

Recent News

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Contact Us
Sunbelt International
Suite 807, Feng Yuan Mansion
12 Shifoying Xili, Chao Yang District.
CHINA 100025
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