Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Wednesday StockGoodie Freedom Energy Holdings Out with AHR News!

New Wednesday StockGoodie Freedom Energy Holdings Out with AHR News!


FDMF Freedom Energy Holdings

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FDMF Freedom Energy Has Had Some HOT News Lately and Chart is Showing a Nice Uptrend from .0032 Making Higher Highs & Higher Lows!

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Freedom Energy CEO Discusses New Multi-Billion Dollar Recycling and Renewable Energy Opportunities

Press Release Source: Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. On Tuesday October 25, 2011, 4:02 pm
FORT WAYNE, Ind., Oct. 25, 2011 /PRNewswire/ --

Freedom Energy Holdings, Inc. (Pinksheets:FDMF.pk - News) Brian Kistler, Chief Executive Officer, today released the following shareholder update regarding the company's proprietary technology SR-139, specifically formulated to extract hydrocarbons from asphalt shingles.
Mr. Kistler stated, "The need to effectively dispose of the millions of tons of asphalt shingle waste generated each year has created two unique market opportunities for Freedom Energy. First, our proprietary SR-139 technology - unique in its ability to recycle this massive amount of waste - allows us to be at the forefront of a huge new green initiative in this country to dispose of waste cleanly.

The second market opportunity exists in the alternative fuel source created by the recycling of asphalt shingles: High Quality Burner Fuel. This clean energy source is created, market ready, by our process and will be sellable to any of the major United States users of burner fuels such as: Pre-mix (Asphalt) plants; Forge furnaces; Aluminum furnaces; Copper furnaces; Sand driers; Rotary kilns, not to mention..., internationally.

Why Use Industrial Burner Fuel?

Industrial burner fuel is an alternative to diesel and heavy fuel oil (HFO) and reduces the amount of crude oil that has to be imported.

Being re-cycled waste the price of industrial burner fuel is better than traditional products.

By producing a product out of hazardous waste, the SR-139 also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.

Through considerable research and development, the industry of recycling shingles is just beginning to have a major impact on the reduction of construction and demolition waste generation. Today, there are a dozen or so states that are utilizing manufacture scrap in their roadways. State Departments of Transportation are beginning to seriously look at the benefits in cost reduction and improvement to the pavement characteristics.

A few states have already written spec's allowing the utilization of both manufacturing and tear-off scrap. This industry is quickly moving from the infancy stage into a growth stage and with the assistance of SR 139, an exciting new market is about to open for the approximate 11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste generated each year in the United States."
(US)(CIWMB 2007; CMRA 2007; Sengoz and Topal 2005; Zickell 2003. http://www.shinglerecycling.org

While there are approximately 2 million tons of valuable hydrocarbons being discarded annually up until now there has not been a means of economically recovering the hydrocarbons. With the introduction of SR-139 shingle recycling is destined to take on a new focus allowing Shingle Recyclers the opportunity of participating in the cutting edge of a break through renewable energy source. Conservatively, the value of the discarded hydrocarbons is over $4 billion annually. This gives no consideration for the value of carbon credits that may be available.
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