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FITT Highway Products FHWY

FITT Highway Products FHWY

FITT Highway Products FHWY

About FHWY
FITT Highway Products, Inc. is a brand management Company which is in the process of mitigating its debt in order to effectively pursue its business plan. The Company has entered into an Operating Agreement with F.I.T.T. Energy Products Inc. to perform a majority of its operating services, including among other things, selling, marketing, producing and distributing the “F.I.T.T. Energy Shot With Resveratrol”. F.I.T.T. Energy Products, Inc. will pay the Company a royalty of 5 cents for each energy shot sold.

FHWY Products & Services

Natural Ingredients For a Lasting Energy Boost
F.I.T.T. Energy’s 2oz. energy shots deliver a punch of natural ingredients – including Amino Acids, Green Tea, Chromium and B-Vitamins – to give you a healthy energy boost and enhance your mental focus. Many of these ingredients are found in other energy shots, but what makes F.I.T.T.’s doctor-designed formula so unique is the addition of Resveratrol – a natural substance thought to promote weight loss and slow the aging process – as well as two key amino acids that may provide benefits to muscle strength and cardiovascular health.

Energy Shots

Our energy shots were designed in collaboration with Dr. Rand Scott, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist. Dr. Scott is a graduate of Penn State University and a former player and physician for its football team. He is on the board of PriCara Pharmaceutical, a Johnson & Johnson Company and is currently a consultant to Scisco Group, Inc. as well as an expert in herbal products. Dr. Scott is also a member of the Speakers Board for Pfizer Pharmaceutical and speaks across the United States on pain management.

FITT Energy Shot
The FITT Energy Shot, which is a modification of our Sports Energy Shot, contains some of the most exciting supplements of this generation. The ingredients have been selected to not only provide energy, but to also enhance mental focus, muscle strength and endurance, and promote cardiovascular health.

The FITT Energy Shot features Resveratrol. A substance found naturally in grapes, Resveratrol may cause the body to act as if it is already on a diet, and change the distribution of fat tissue in the body. In fact, Resveratrol has the scientific world fascinated by its potential to affect age related decline.
Our FITT Energy Shot also contains L-Arginine, an amino acid in dairy, brown rice and nuts which is essential for optimum growth, and regulation of protein metabolism. L-Arginine can make blood vessels wider, as opposed to the narrowing effect of caffeine. Further, L-Arginine may benefit in the treatment of sports related injuries, as well in building lean muscle and burning fat, since it facilitates the natural release of growth hormone (HGH) and is a building block for creatine.

Additionally, the drink features L-Arginine alphaketoglutarate (AKG). Arginine AKG has been shown in a University study to help build additional strength when used during training. Beyond this, the FITT Energy Shot features antioxidant Green Tea extract, and Chromium. These ingredients have good safety profiles and have support as weight-loss aides. More than just a caffeine drink, our FITT Energy Shot adds natural energy boosters including Taurine & Guarana, as well as essential Vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12. To optimize workouts, the FITT Energy Shot has a touch of Fructose, an easily absorbed fuel for the body and brain. All this is built on a base of healthy pomegranate and orange.




Sports Energy Shot

The Sports Energy Shot, a concentrated two-ounce energy drink, was designed to provide a zero calorie, sugar free, rapid and lasting energy boost, enhancing muscle strength and endurance. The Sports Energy Shot contains many of the same ingredients as the FITT Energy Shot including L-Arginine and the formulation used in the Sports Energy Shot was the basis for the FITT Energy Shot’s formulation.
Canned Energy Drink Products
We previously distributed our canned energy drinks in two flavors, Cranberry-Pineapple and Green Tea, with a Regular and Sugar-Free version of each. Shipments began in 2005 with the Cranberry-Pineapple flavor. During 2009, we stopped selling the canned energy drinks to focus on our energy shots, but we may elect to resume sales of these products in the future, under the FITT brand, in those situations where marketing, shipping, and product placement costs are minimal.


Friday, October 7, 2011
FITT Highway Products, Inc. Announces the Incorporation of the Positive Blood Pressure Study Results for Its FITT Energy Shot into All Media for a Retail LaunchBusiness Wire (Fri, Oct 7)
Monday, September 26, 2011
FITT Highway Products, Inc. Announces Final Results from Medical Study Assessing Effects of F.I.T.T. Energy With Resveratrol on Blood Pressure Versus Leading CompetitorsBusiness Wire (Mon, Sep 26)
Thursday, August 18, 2011
FITT HIGHWAY PRODUCTS, INC. FinancialsEDGAR Online Financials (Thu, Aug 1
Thursday, August 11, 2011
FITT HIGHWAY PRODUCTS, INC. Files SEC form 10-Q, Quarterly ReportEDGAR Online (Thu, Aug 11)
Tuesday, July 19, 2011
FITT Highway Products, Inc. Announces Operating Partner F.I.T.T. Energy Products Inc., Has Initiated Discussions with Key Advisors, Warren Moon and Investors to Find a Strategic Joint Venture PartnerBusiness Wire (Tue, Jul 19)
Monday, July 11, 2011
FITT Highway Products, Inc. Announces Preliminary Results from Medical Study Assessing Effects of F.I.T.T. Energy With Resveratrol on Blood Pressure Versus Leading CompetitorsBusiness Wire (Mon, Jul 11)

FHWY Contact Info

FITT Highway Products, Inc.
26381 Crown Valley Parkway
Suite 230
Mission Viejo, CA 92691
Phone: 949-582-5933

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