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PMCM - Primco Management, Inc.

PMCM - Primco Management, Inc.

Company Overview

Website -

Eat Sleep Media Group - ESMG - is out to set a new standard in innovative, consumer driven interactive entertainment content. We are a dynamic, highly motivated team and we can act rapidly to acquire and develop new artists and seize targeted, new strategic opportunities. We use the leverage of our 5 operating units to integrate and maximize each investment in talent.

For example, a new music artist acquired by our Eat Sleep Music division will break their music through our Eat Sleep Radio division and their music can be featured in the sound track to a movie produced by our Eat Sleep Film division, with the possibility of inclusion in the TV reality show producer by our Eat Sleep TV division and even featured in a commercial/advertising spot on our Eat Sleep interactive sports web channel! Totally integrated, we treat each artist and content creation as a valuable asset and we provide maximum exposure to that asset through every aspect of operations.

Content Connectivity

Content connectivity enables fans to connect in real time with their stars, idols and mentors, while providing e-commerce opportunities in new and consumer friendly ways.

Consumers will be attracted to the ESMG brand because:

1) We will offer a fresh variety and quality of innovative and interactive content at a low cost to consumers;

2) Our programming will be marketed and promoted to the highly targeted consumers, and

3) With our strictly scaled operating overhead we can compete effectively against major shows without the need for heavy capital investment on own part.


Eat Sleep Film

The Eat Sleep Film Division will be headed by entertainment industry veteran Alan J. Bailey. It will both acquire and produce carefully selected motion pictures based on first class scripts, with experienced producers and directors, talented cast and seasoned crew, and produced within production budgets scaled for the targeted demographic audience to maximize revenues and operating income.

Eat Sleep Music

ESMG is an innovative, consumer driven interactive entertainment content provider whose mission is to acquire and develop new artists and strategic opportunities through their 5 operating units. ESMG intends to leverage its highly motivated and industry experienced management strengths and capabilities with focused operating divisions to reach and satisfy the marketplace of targeted consumers searching for a breakthrough in new and exciting talent and content.

Eat Sleep Radio

The Eat Sleep Radio division will be headed by experienced radio executive Mike Marino, with Fred Scotti as Vice President. Eat Sleep Radio operates under the brand name of "Jam min' Radio" which was also created by Mike Marino. Over 20 years of programing in regional and national radio formats, at the P-1 level. "Jam min' Radio" is currently being offered to several Radio Station Groups across the US.

Eat Sleep TV

The Comedy Time Network launched as the comedy channel for Sprint TV and MobiTV in July, 2004 and has since expanded on to all major carrier decks as well as cable/satellite/IP television, broadband video and traditional media. It is a market leader in the production and distribution of short-form comedy programming.

Comedy Time is available on most major entertainment video portals and has established highly trafficked channels with over 50 Million views on Youtube alone. Within these channels Comedy Time has launched multiple verticals targeting specific audiences including Chick Comedy (Women), Funny4Shizzle (Urban) and Comedy Time Latino (Latino).

Eat Sleep Sports

Original programming runs exclusively on the website. The system allows users the opportunity to communicate with sports figures in "real-time" through the ESS proprietary 2-way video in studios and remote locations and feed the signals to "channels" found on the ESS website.

Primco Management, Inc. is a fully reporting, publicly traded company on the OTC Market under the symbol, “PMCM”, and within the OTC-QB market tier. As such, Business, Operational, and Financial information on Primco Management, Inc. is available to public view.

Visit: to see complete details.

A/S: 500 Million
O/S: 184,912,000 - as of 4/15/13

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis. Contact the Company or Transfer Agent to get the most current information.)

Their latest 10-K Annual Report:
Filed on 4/15/13 - For the period ending 12/31/12

Incorporated In: Delaware in 2010

Olde Monmouth Stock Transfer Co., Inc.
200 Memorial Parkwa
Atlantic Highlands, NJ 07716

Phone: 732-872-2727


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Business Wire - (April 29)
Primco Management’s ESMG Music Label Announces the release of the Bruce-E-Bee Single “Let’s Ride” featuring renowned music artist Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Business Wire - (April 10)
Primco Management’s ESMG Music Label Announces the Release of Its First Single Featuring HipHop Artist Checkmate

Business Wire - (February 25)
Primco’s ESMG Music Division to Release Upcoming Hit Album “The Underground Star” By Artist Choo Biggz and Featuring Rap Legend 50-Cent

Business Wire - (February 13)
Primco Management’s ESMG Division Signs Bruce E Bee to Exclusive Long Term Recording Contract

Business Wire - (February 11)
Primco Management, Inc. Acquires D&B Music Catalog

Business Wire - (February 8)
Primco Management, Inc. Acquires D&B Music Catalog

GlobeNewswire - (February 7)
Primco Management Announces Acquisition of ESMG

Business Wire - (February 7)
ESMG Acquires Controlling Interest in Primco Management

Contact Us:

ESMG, Inc.
1875 Century Park East
6th Floor - Suite 73
Century City, CA 90067

Phone: 310-407-5452

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