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FBCD - FBC Holding Inc.

FBCD - FBC Holding Inc.

Company Overview

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FBC Holding was formed back in 2006 and has gone through several iterations and business plans since then. Most recently, we planned to become involved in the actions sports business and our former management represented to have negotiated a deal with a company which also represented that it owned certain licensing rights to a unique type of skateboard called the Flowboard.

The Flowboard was a very cool product which unlike the typical skateboard had 14 wheels arranged in an arc beneath the deck which allowed the rider to tilt the board at a 45 degree angle which gave the sensation of creating a “deep carve” into the pavement and delivering a riding experience more similar to riding a snowboard or surfing than to a traditional skateboard.

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Consumer Products

The Company has been in discussions with a Company that possesses a technology that can print very simple to moderately complex electronic circuitry on to nearly any surface including textiles, plastics, metal and paper. Such technology has myriad applications and FBC is discussing lighting applications that can be powered by circuitry that can be painted or printed on to a surface without wires or any “hard” electronic components.

We are currently at various stages of involvement with each of these companies and we are continually on the lookout for new businesses that we can make a part of our Company and we expect to be able to provide some further information on one or more in the days and weeks to come.

We realize that over the last six years FBC Holding has presented several business plans and morphed from a mining company to a toy company to an action sports company as well as a few more in between. FBC is, first and foremost, a Holding Company. We are going to seek out businesses with solid plans, in a growing industry with specific characteristics. We will not seek to rush into any transaction but rather will perform thorough due diligence and only consider transactions that we believe can be immediately accretive to earnings.


FBCD has been speaking with a company that has developed an application that provides small and medium businesses an easy to use GUI in which these businesses can efficiently manage the social media image, monitor various social sites, and develop marketing plans through email, test messaging, and drip-marketing using a very simple dashboard. The client also has the option of engaging the company for these and other services and be able to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign. This opportunity is an early stage, operating company.

Natural Resources

FBC Holding began as a uranium mining company. The Company is currently reviewing several opportunities in natural resource mining. The companies that are being considered are all production-stage companies that are producing monthly revenues and would be immediately accretive to earnings.


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FBC Holdings to Place First Flowboard Order

NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- (OTC Markets: FBCD) FBC Management today announced that is preparing to place its first manufacturing order for the new FBC Flowboard. Eddie Liu of Ane Company in Shenzhen, China, said, "I am very glad that we are again working with Mr. Kern and manufacturing the Flowboard, it was a great success last time and we are looking forward to working with FBC Holding to make this relaunch even better."

FBC Holding new management team has been reconnecting with some of previous distributers of the Flowboard such as Sports Chalet, Sport Authority, Chicks, and Modells. Mr. Michael Kern , the Company's VP of Marketing, stated that, "Response has been overwhelmingly positive from the customers that I have spoken with. I would not be surprised if we sold out of this initial shipment very quickly. There has been excellent acceptance of the Flowboard and it has generated a lot of positive press." The Company added so quotes from various sources regarding the FBC Flowboard:

Maxim: "…the closest thing you can get to surfing or snowboarding on pavement…"

Wired: "…sidewalks will feel like they've got a foot of fresh powder with the Deep carve System skateboard…"

Popular Mechanics: "…the 42-inch maple deck can carve to nearly 45 degrees and holds a sharp turning radius…the number one invention in skateboarding in the last 25 years…"

Innovation Magazine: "…this snowboard or skateboard for the streets replicates the way a snowboard carves or a surfboard flows…"

International Longboarder: "…combining the best of what snowboarding and longboarding have to offer, Flowlab's revolutionary new board will most definitely turn heads, the 42-inch plank feels remarkably like snowboarding…turning offers less resistance and tight, smooth lines."

Popular Mechanics: The snowskate takes the skateboard to the mountains. Designed to keep street and vert skaters happy on the slopes. The rockered designs skis and rails provide the pops for ollies, kick flips and all your favorite tricks.

Specialty Retail Magazine: During the Flowboard's previous introduction Sport Technology introduced a Kiosk program and inline program for independent entrepreneurs who want to tap into the fastest growing segment of the sporting goods market (Action sports). They have new products to add to their existing sku's including the Snowskate, making for an actions sports store in a kiosk. Sport Technology currently has 15 kiosks prepared for deployment.

Carlton Calvin , president of Razor USA, commented, "Because the Flowboard is visually dynamic, if it is priced right, it will fly off the shelves."

Readers may go to to view the products in action.

Sport technology Inc.

The Bomb Factory

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In April 2012, the Company signed a license agreement with Sport Technology, Inc., a California corporation, under which the Company acquired the exclusive licensing, marketing and development rights to develop, market and sell certain products owned by Sport Technology, including, but not limited to, Flowboard, Flow Saucer, and Snowskate.

Press Release: (See Our News Disclaimer Below.)

The Company also entered into a consulting agreement with Sport Technology Inc. and Michael Kern, under which Sport Technology and Michael Kern will provide consulting services related to the development, marketing and sale of the licensed products. FBC will be adding additional products and is in discussions with several other manufacturers generally in the extreme sports industry, which is the fastest growing sports sector in the world.

FBC Holding, Inc. is a fully reporting publicly traded company on the OTC Market under the symbol, “FBCD”, and within the OTC QB market tier. As such, Business, operational and financial information on FBC Holding, Inc. is available to public view.

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A/S : 5 Billion
O/S : 38 Million as of 3/18/13 per 10-Q

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis , please contact the company or transfer agent to get the most current information.)

10- Q- report 4/24/13 period ending 1/31/13

Incorporated In: NV Yr.2009

Island Stock Transfer
15500 Roosevelt Boulevard
Suite 301
Clearwater, FL, 33760


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FBC Holding, Inc. Releases Update to Shareholders

PRNewswire - NEW YORK, Oct. 24, 2012
FBC Holdings to Place First Flowboard Order

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FBCD Holding Inc.
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