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TBSS International - ANSH

TBSS International - ANSH


ABOUT TBSS International - ANSH

TBSS International is a visionary development firm with a management team representing over 50 years of collective experience in winning competitive contracts on the strength of incorporating proprietary technologies from a network of venture partners. TBSS's has won construction and service contracts in the following industries:

Oil Drilling
Gold Mining
Water Well Drilling
Sonic and Horizontal Drilling

TBSS International has worked with a number of Fortune 500 companies requiring an emphasis on environmentally sound practices, in addition to smaller companies operating domestically and internationally. TBSS fulfilled a contract from Con Edison to reduce energy consumption by 30% throughout the Tristate area of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.


TBSS International’s network of industry professionals designed and implemented a more energy efficient florescent lighting system which surpassed expectations by reducing overall power consumption by 60%. Another client, Coca Cola and Company, used TBSS International to increase production at a bottling facility in Maspeth, New York (Queens). TBSS International coordinated and executed on a plant relocation plan as well as a complete redesign of the facility bottling system.
Smaller construction projects include converting a building shell into a seventeen unit apartment building for Finkelstein & Morgan Real Estate.
TBSS's mission is to educate and provide our clients with the most innovative technologies that reduces and minimizes our global carbon footprint while building shareholder value.




The pricipals of TBSS International collectively have over 50 years of construction experience which spans a wide array of project types.
Our flexibility to meet community demands has afforded us the opportunity to work on anything from private residential renovations to 50 story office complexes.


We pride ourselves on the ability to take a project from conception to a quality finished product while staying under time and budget constraints.
Regardless where a project is located, TBSS can mobilize quickly to bring the resources necessary for the timely completion of the project. Our reputation for quality execution has helped TBSS to develop a list of repeat clients that provide us with referrals .


Sonic and Horizontal Drilling

Sonic Drilling:

TBSS International's network has been in the Sonic drilling business for over 5 years and its use continues to grow as the technology advance has been the solution to many challenges in the field. A sonic drill head sends high frequency resonant vibrations down the drill string to the drill bit. There has been many technological advances in Sonic Drilling over the last five years and TBSS International will remain on the cutting edge as this promising technology evolves.



Horizontal Drilling:

TBSS’s partners have been utilizing Horizontal (or slant) Drilling which enables access to oil reservoirs that are under towns, lakes or under a difficult to drill geological formation. Horizontal drilling also offers a very cost efficient method to have more wellheads clustered on one drilling platform with wells fanning out.


Water Well Drilling


Water Well Drilling:

TBSS International's partner network has been drilling fresh water wells over the past ten years, yet recent advancements in technology now include sonic drills. This technology has virtually replaced the use of drilling trucks, but TBSS has found that it is still beneficial to operate these trucks in emerging markets with minimal infrastructure.


Oil Drilling


The oil industry has changed dramatically over the years, but one thing remains the same--this is still a business of extracting the most oil out of every concession.


TBSS International's network pushes the edge of that change with a patented water separation technology that separates oil from the water in the field, thereby eliminating a large part of the refining process. Besides being more cost and time effective, this technology increases the potential for additional production.


Significantly, the separation process is so precise that it produces water pure enough to drink. This is beneficial in two ways. For offshore drilling, it eliminates the need to have fresh water delivered to the offshore platform to continue the down hole process. The same holds true when drilling on land with the additional environmentally-friendly benefit of recycling pure water back into the earth.

Gold Mining


Our commitment to the environment and industry standards led us to seek out new and innovative means of extracting gold. While TBSS International’s network has extensive experience in open pit mining, we prefer a more scientific approach for environmental reasons. We use ground penetrating radar (GPR) to take a snap shot of the mineral reserves subsurface which allows our sonic drilling engineers to approximate the richest mineral deposits. GPR maximizes the client’s exploration budget while minimizing the destructive effects on the environment.



Thursday, October 27, 2011
TBSS International, Inc. Launches Corporate Website
Newly Public Company Preparing for Required Press Release Distribution

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 27, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TBSS International, Inc. (OTCBB:ANSH.ob - News) ("TBSS"), an international service company with existing service contracts assisting companies involved in gold mining and oil drilling, announced today the launching of the company's website at

The company's recent entry into the public markets requires that the company prepare for the broad distribution of material information to its shareholders and the corporate website is an integral part of the dissemination of investor information.

The company previously announced that it is currently executing on contracts with initial revenues to be recognized in the current quarter. TBSS will be releasing financial details of each of these contracts in the near future through PR Newswire and its new website. ... l?x=0&.v=1

Friday, October 21, 2011

AVENUE SOUTH LTD. FinancialsEDGAR Online Financials (Fri, Oct 21)

Friday, October 14, 2011

AVENUE SOUTH LTD. Files SEC form 8-K, Costs Associated with Exit or Disposal Activities, Unregistered Sale of EquityEDGAR Online (Fri, Oct 14)

Thursday, October 13, 2011
TBSS International, Inc., an International Service Company, Begins Trading Under Symbol "ANSH"
Company's Licensed Technology Winning Service Contracts in Gold Mining and Oil Drilling

TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- TBSS International, Inc. (OTCBB: ANSH) ("TBSS"), an international service company with existing service contracts to assist companies that have begun gold mining and oil drilling, as well as work on water well drilling, trenching and general construction, has begun trading under the symbol "ANSH" on the OTCBB. TBSS currently has exclusive regional rights to various technologies which have resulted in these contracts that are currently being fulfilled with initial revenues to be recognized in the fourth quarter of 2011.

Mr. Todd Spinelli, CEO of TBSS International, said, "TBSS has secured a number of contracts to facilitate existing companies engaged in gold mining, horizontal oil drilling and water separation in oil fields. The TBSS revenue is not dependent on finding or processing gold or oil and will be paid irrespective of the returns from such enterprises. Initial revenues will be booked in the fourth quarter with the preponderance of the revenues to be booked in the first quarter, 2012."

Spinelli continued, "Based on what we are seeing in the marketplace, we anticipate announcing a number of individual contracts now that we are no longer a private company. We will be informing our shareholders on our progress on an ongoing basis with more financial details in the near future." ... l?x=0&.v=1

Thursday, October 6, 2011

AVENUE SOUTH LTD. Files SEC form 8-K/A, Change in Directors or Principal OfficersEDGAR Online (Thu, Oct 6)

Saturday, September 10, 2011

AVENUE SOUTH LTD. FinancialsEDGAR Online Financials (Sat, Sep 10)

Friday, August 19, 2011

AVENUE SOUTH LTD. Files SEC form 8-K, Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other EventsEDGAR Online (Fri, Aug 19)
AVENUE SOUTH LTD. Files SEC form 8-K, Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Other EventsEDGAR Online (Fri, Aug 19)


Todd A. Spinelli
President, CEO, CFO

Mr. Todd A. Spinelli has been Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer of Avenue South Ltd. since September 29, 2011. Mr. Spinelli has been the President/Owner of Global Electric Construction Corp. since 2002. Mr. Spinelli serves as Chief Financial Officer of Bel Ea Co. Mr. Spinelli served as Senior Executive Vice President at United Treatment Centers, Inc. He served with clients such as Coca-Cola, H.O. Penn Caterpillar, McDonald-Douglas and Zeus Military facility. He has been a Director of United Treatment Centers, Inc. since April 14, 2009. Mr. Spinelli has been a Director of Avenue South Ltd. since September 29, 2011.

Kim Spinelli

Kim Spinelli has been Secretary and Director of Avenue South Ltd. since September 29, 2011. Kim Spinelli has been a private investor for the last 10 years


CONTACT TBSS International

TBSS International, Inc.

9113 Ridge Rd. Suite 50
New Port Richey, FL 34654
website: http://


Investor Relations Contact
(855) 645-4653

We Will Continue Keep Our Members Informed On Any ANSH Updates In the Future!

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