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NVSR - NavStar Technologies Inc.

NVSR - NavStar Technologies, Inc. dd

About NVSR
NavStar Technologies, Inc. engages in the production and commercialization of products and services for tracking/monitoring and reporting on the location and condition of high value cargo, equipment, and other valuable and personal assets. It primarily offers commercial/business global positioning system (GPS) tracking and monitoring products and services. The company's products include vehicle/portable asset tracker used to track and monitor vehicles, cargo, and other assets like trailers and heavy equipment; electronic on-board recorder, which is mounted to the dashboard of the vehicles and connects with the engine to provide users display of the vehicles activity; and personal asset tracker, a self-contained unit, including a the GPS system, digital cellular functionality, antennas, and battery that can be worn/carried by an individual or placed on small high-value assets for monitoring the unit’s location while in transit even over large distances. It also offers software services, such as driving directions, weather reports, and services related to nearest vehicle to a location. The company primarily focuses on the trucking, delivery, and services industry. NavStar Technologies, Inc. is based in Anaheim, California.

NVSR Security Details
Share Structure
Market Value1 $2,486,252 a/o Nov 23, 2011
Shares Outstanding 24,862,520 a/o Sep 30, 2011
Float 194,400 a/o Sep 30, 2011
Authorized Shares 100,000,000 a/o Nov. 14, 2011 (per last quarter report)
Par Value 0.001

Security Notes
* Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 24 split Pay date=07/30/2007.
* Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 10 split Pay date=08/19/2008.
* Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 150 split Pay date=12/16/2009.
* Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 100 split. Pay date=08/29/2011.

Shareholders of Record 1,518 a/o Sep 30, 2011
Financial Reporting/Disclosure
Reporting Status Alternative Reporting Standard
Audited Financials Not Available
Latest Report Nov 14, 2011 Quarterly Report
CIK 0001315049
Fiscal Year End 12/31
OTC Market Tier OTC Pink Current
SIC - Industry Classification 3699 - Electrical equipment and supplies, misc
Business Status Development Stage Company a/o
Incorporated In: NV, USA
Year of Inc. 2003
Company Notes
* Formerly=European Diversified Holding Company until 7-07
* Formerly=European Day Spa & Tanning Salon Holding Company, Inc. until 7-02
* Formerly=Scotties Fish & Chips, Inc. until 8-01


Transfer Agent
Corporate Stock Transfer, Inc.
3200 Cherry Creek Drive South
Suite 430
Denver, CO, 80209

Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information

Source: otcmarket.com, www.bloomberg.com, www.finance.yahoo.com
(these are only sources and not always up to date)

NVSR Products & Services


Vehicle/Portable Asset Tracker (VAT)
Vehicle/Portable Asset Tracker NavStar has been able to leverage improvements in GPS and wireless technology to create a new tracking device that is smaller and more compact than its Vehicle/Asset Tracker (VAT).

This product will enable the Company to track and monitor vehicles, cargo and other high value assets like trailers, heavy equipment, and just about anything that a customer deems as valuable.Tracking of vehicles for small to large trucking fleets is the main focus of the Vehicle/Portable Asset Tracker.

The NavStar EOBR
Mounted to the dashboard of the vehicles and connects with the engine. Information gathered from the engine, along with the GPS monitoring the unit provides, will give users an accurate display of the vehicles activity, and will be compliant with FMCSA regulations pertaining to the accurate recording of the drivers Hours of Service (HOS).

The unit will transmit required data to a secure server for the Trucking companies to monitor, and the software provided by NavStar will fulfill all HOS regulations. The indiviual unit will also be able to send, or print, driver log books required for FMCSA HOS inspections.

Since the unit will have GPS capabilities, it will also be able to assist the company in managing the costs assoicated with the operations of their vehicles and fleets. The company will be able to monitor the drivers activities and manage changes that might result in better gas mileage and other cost saving factors.

Other benefits include asset tracking, and vehicle recovery. The use of NavStar's EOBR units will greatly enhance the recovery of stolen vehicles and/or merchandise.

Personal Asset Tracker
The Personal & Asset Tracker is fully self-contained unit, including a the GPS system, digital cellular functionality, antennas and battery.

Smaller than a deck of cards and weighing only 5 ounces, the unit is portable and can be worn/carried by an individual or placed on small high-value assets for monitoring the unit’s location while in transit – even over large distances.

Once the units are powered on, they will automatically begin reporting their position - or remain “silent” depending upon the chosen configuration. Monitoring of the units can take place immediately via a subscription Internet service.

Software Services
Our GPS Tracking application covers all continental USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The maps we use provide maximum quality and ease of use. Some of the features we offer are:
* Driving Directions
* Weather Reports
* Nearest vehicle to a location

GPS Tracking System Features
We offer a GPS Tracking system that has been developed completely based on the experience and feedback of our business team but most importantly on the experience of our customers. Our GPS Tracking solution is in an ever-changing process, based on two main streams:

* The changing needs of our customers
* The new opportunities offered by technology advances

Our GPS Tracking / Fleet Tracking System gives answers to these and many other questions:

* Where your drivers are
* Where and when they have gone
* How long have they been there
* How is the weather or the traffic on their zone
* Directions to get to the next stop
* Closest vehicle to a given location
* What driver is speeding
* When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone

With our GPS Tracking system you will be able to monitor the location and status of your vehicles whenever, wherever. GPS Location, Track speed, direction, address and more using a portable device with browsing capabilities.

You will be using the best GPS GPRS devices in the market to get continuous reporting and great flexibility.

Keep this powerful tool and get...

* Locating Vehicles & Crews
* Theft Monitoring & Alerts
* Remote Door Lock Control
* Excessive Speed Monitoring
* Fuel, Engine, Door, Battery Temp. Monitoring
* Remote Ignition Control
* Unauthorized Vehicle Usage Alerts
* Roadside Assistance Request
* Verify accuracy of time sheets, mileage reports, call reports
* Ensure accurate customer billing for time & material work
* Reduces your vehicle insurance rates
* Increased Safety

NVSR Customers

Fix Group Fix Equipment S.A., Ecuador
This is for Fleet Management System (FMS) box and Mobile Display Unit (MDT) to distribute to Public Transportation System In Ecuador.

IntelliSOL Corporation
This is to be used in Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and Fleet Management System (FMS).

Diamente, Mexico
Mexico just passed regulation to have tracking system in all of new commercial vehicle sold in Mexico City in 2008. Diamente is one of few “approved vendors” in Mexico for this task and they are currently engaged in contract discussion with major vehicle manufacturers for Mexico Market. Diamente purchased test units and validate functionalities of system and they will launch this product in 3rd qtr of 2008.

Navmex, Mexico
Navmex has been distributing our products for past 18 months and this is a sign of distributorship growth in Mexico.

AVL, Canada
Following the successful evaluation of our units, and many in depth discussions of this date, Radio Service LCT intent to purchase from NavStar during next 12 months, minimum 1,000 units to be completed of a combination of following products, namely:
FMS-G (CDMA-GSM) – WOV (Without Voice) Unit
FMS-G (CDMA-GSM) – WV (With Voice) Unit
FMS-G (GSM) – Slim (Smaller, affordable) Unit in late 2nd Qtr or early 3rd Qtr.

The products are to be deployed in vehicle and asset tracking, security related applications employing Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) and Fleet Management Systems throughout Mexico and other Latin American countries and North America.

Wise Track/Brazil Vivo
Wise has already taken delivery of the first 1,200 units. This customer has successfully launched solution in Brazil and selling quite well. Brazil is an important market as it opens the doors for many other countries in South America.

CANTV is the parent company of Movilnet (CDMA Carrier) in Venezuela.

Secusat - Latin America
NavStar has developed and is manufacturing a line of Location Based Service (LBS) products, primarily focusing on Fleet Management Systems (FMS), Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR), security and risk mitigation service solutions. Secusat provides a hosted, end-to-end private labeled wireless location fleet management, stolen vehicle recovery, security and risk mitigation service solutions for wireless operators, insurance firms and security companies across Latin America.

GeoSoft – USA
GeoSoft has been selling Fleet Management systems for several years. They have selected NavStar products as their choice.

NVSR Recent News

NavStar Technologies Signs Agreement With Trinity Noble, LLC to Add Cell Phone Detection Feature to EOBR Hardware and Service Offering
11/22/2011 8:30AM - Market Wire

NavStar Technologies, Inc. Announces $2.4 Million in Funding From Southern California Investor Group
11/03/2011 9:00AM - Market Wire

NavStar Technologies, Inc. Restructures and Positions Company for Significant Growth in 2012
08/29/2011 9:30AM - Market Wire

NavStar Technologies, Inc. Announces Upgrade From Limited to Current Information at OTC Markets
06/17/2011 9:03AM - Market Wire

NavStar Technologies to Partner With Trinity-Noble to Provide Cell Phone Detection Usage With EOBR Hardware and Service
06/10/2011 9:00AM - Market Wire

Read more: http://www.nasdaq.com/aspxcontent/newsHeadlines.aspx?symbol=NVSR&selected=NVSR&SourceCode=PMZ#ixzz1eibZWuIO

NVSR Management Team

Chairman & CEO N. Douglas Pritt
has 30 years experience at senior level positions in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Pritt has served as President & CEO of OnFiber Communications, Senior VP of Business Development at Sprint PCS, and various senior level management positions at Lucent Technology.

Jason Shin serves as President and CTO.
Mr. Shin has served as Argo Chief Executive Officer and President since January 2003. Jason managed some of Interstate Electronics’ most important military GPS programs prior to leaving the firm to establish Axiom Navigation where he raised over $18 Million in equity financing. Jason Shin, assumed the role of President & CEO of Axiom Navigation and has worked for Rockwell Industries in their GPS divisions.

Patrick Bannister serves as CFO and possesses over twenty years of experience in the Technology and Financial Services spaces. Pat holds a CPA designation in California, as well as several securities industry licenses. In addition, he has experience with a Big 4 Public Accounting Firm, is experienced in the Finance, Accounting and Operations of businesses of varied sizes and industries.

Chief Scientist and Advisor Charles LaRue
has worked for many aerospace companies developing airborne radar systems, avionics operating and maintenance software, graphics software, aircraft simulation, and IFF systems. These companies include Lockheed, ITT Gilfillan, Teledyne, and Litton. In the mid-80’s he first conceived the idea of a car navigation system that gave turn-by-turn directions to the driver and has continued to advance the state-of-the art in voice navigation systems.

NVSR Contact Info
NavStar Technologies, Inc.
800 South Harbor Blvd.
Suite 220
Anaheim, CA 92805

Website: http://www.navstarinc.com
Phone: 714-502-6900
Email: info@navstarinc.com

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Sources: otcmarket.com, www.bloomberg.com, www.finance.yahoo.com, NVSR website, www.businessweek.com
(these are only sources and not always up to date) 

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