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BOPT - Eco-Trade Corp.

BOPT - Eco-Trade Corp.

Company Overview

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Eco-Trade Corp. has the rights to the exploration, drilling and production on a property in Lewis & Clark County in Montana, near Great Falls totaling over 5,800 acres called the South Bakken Prospect with an estimated reserve potential of between 80 to 120 millions of barrels of oil recoverable.

The advent of the Alberta Bakken Fairway creates another opportunity for Bakken production outside of the boundaries of the Williston Basin. The Bakken Fairway was first discovered and drilled in Alberta, Canada, but now extends deep into northwest Montana into Lewis & Clark County where it is bordered by the Rocky Mountain Thrust Zone on the west and the Sweetgrass Arch to the west.


Eco-Trade Corp. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “BOPT”, and within the OTC-QB market tier. As such, Business, Operational, and Financial information on Eco-Trade Corp. is available to public view.

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A/S: 400 Million - per 10-Q filed on 11/13/12
O/S: 203 Million

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis. Contact the Company or Transfer Agent to get the most current information.)

Their latest 10-Q Quarterly Report:
Filed on 11/13/12 - For the period ending 9/30/12

Incorporated In: Delaware in 2010

Transfer Agent:

Fidelity Transfer Co.
8915 South 700 East
Suite 102
Sandy, UT 84070

Phone: 801-562-1300


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Business Wire - (April 12)
Eco-Trade Corp. Announces Letter of Intent for $5 Million Financing

Business Wire - (April 11)
Eco-Trade Corp. Announces Anticipated Receipt of Independent Engineering Report from Renowned Firm That Has Been Engaged to Provide Reserve Estimates

Business Wire - (April 9)
Eco-Trade Corp. Provides Analyst Insights into Bakken Oil Formation and Comments on Its Oil Prospect in Montana

Business Wire - (April 5)
Eco-Trade Corp. Reports That Property is in Emerging Montana Section of Alberta Bakken Fairway with Neighbors in General Vicinity Including Rosetta Resources, Primary Petroleum, Stone Energy and FX Energy, Inc.

Business Wire - (March 19)
Eco-Trade Corp. Reviews Report That Estimates Reserve of between 80 and 120 Million Barrels of Oil at its South Bakken Prospect

Contact Us:

Eco-Trade Corp.
1915 Eye Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20006

Phone: 855-OIL-WEST / 855-645-9378

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