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PNGM - Pengram Corp.


Pengram Corp. ~ PNGM

Company Overview

Pengram Corporation is an advanced gold exploration company searching the globe for outstanding gold properties. Our strategy is to evaluate and acquire properties where previous work has been conducted and have yielded positive results for the presence of gold.

Pengram currently has a broad portfolio of strategic gold properties, including one in British Columbia:

The Clisbako Property

Three in Nevada:

The Fish Project

The Golden Snow Project

The CPG Project

Our objective is to explore these properties either directly or through joint venture with other exploration companies. The Company is led by a management team with an exceptional track record of mineral discovery and property development.

PNGM Properties

The Clisbako Property is located in the Cariboo Mining Division of British Columbia, consisting of approximately 3,388 hectares (13 sq.miles or 8,372 acres) 125 kilometers west of the city of Quesnel.

Location, Access, Climate and Physiography

The Clisbako Property is located in the Interior Plateau Region of north central British Columbia. It is composed of ten contiguous mineral claims, situated within the Cariboo Mining Division. The claims are situated approximately 125 kilometers west of Quesnel, British Columbia.

Access to the property is by paved highway west from Quesnel to Nazko, then 50 kilometers southwest by gravel Forest Service Roads ("FSR"). The 4200 FSR crosses the northern portion of the Clisbako Property and branch roads and logging tracks provide access to much of the rest of the property.

The climate of the area is characteristically dry. Average annual temperature is approximately 2° C, with average summer highs in July and August of 14° C and January winter lows averaging -13° C. Average annual precipitation is approximately 440 millimeters, with an estimated 40% falling as snow. The majority of rainfall occurs between June and August.

The claims cover a wide variety of terrain, from swampy meadows to forested upland slopes. Elevations range from 1,250 meters along the Clisbako River to over 1,500 meters to the west. A significant portion of the property has been logged by clearcut methods. Forest cover is typical of the region, consisting of lodgepole pine, with local stands of black spruce, fir and birch along drainages. Timber harvesting has occurred with numerous cut blocks scattered throughout the claim area. Swampy meadow lands in the eastern and north-eastern portions of the property that form the headwaters of the Clisbako River system are saturated for much of the year but dry out in late summer. These areas are sparsely treed.

Regional Geology

The Clisbako property is located in the northern part of the Chilcotin Plateau. Specifically, it is situated in the south central part of the Anahim Volcanic Belt along an east-west trend defined by three peralkaline shield volcano complexes (Rainbow Range, Ilgachuz Range, Itcha Range) that comprise the western part of the belt.

The oldest rocks exposed in the Chilcotin Plateau area are Pennsylvanian to Permian age Cache Creek Group sedimentary rocks. These are overlain by upper Triassic to lower Jurassic Takla Group andesite-basalt flows, tuffs and breccias and associated clastic rocks. Predominant in the northern portion of the Chilcotin Plateau are andesite flows and breccias, and sedimentary rocks of the mid-Jurassic Hazelton Group.

This sequence is unconformably overlain by the upper Cretaceous, Paleocene, Eocene and possibly Oligocene rocks of the Ootsa Lake Group. This latter Group is comprised of rhyolitic to dacitic tuffs, flows and breccias with minor amounts of andesite, basalt, conglomerate and tuffaceous shale.

Nevada Properties

Pengram Corp. is a publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “PNGM”, and within the OTCPink market tier. As such, Business, Operational, and Financial information on PNGM is fully transparent and available to public view.

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Pengram Corp. is Active on the Nevada Secretary of State site:

A/S :[/b 300 Million
O/S : 58,264,344 a/o Aug 31, 2012
FLOAT: 27 Million a/o Aug 31,2012

As of July 7, 2011, there were a total of 613 beneficial shareholders of the Company.

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis , please contact the company or transfer agent to get the most current information.)

Their latest Q Report ~ Filed on 10/22/12 ~ For the period ending 8/31/12

Incorporated In State /Yr : Nevada 2006

Transfer Agent

Pacific Stock Transfer Co.

4045 South Spencer St., Suite 403
Las Vegas, NV, 89119

PR Newswire - (Mon, Nov 12)
Joint News Release of Terrace Ventures Inc. (TVER) and Pengram Corporation (PNGM) -- Golden Snow Project Update

PR Newswire - (Wed, Oct 31)
Pengram Corporation (PNGM) - Receives Initial Exploration results on its Clisbako Property In British Columbia, Canada

PR Newswire - (Tue, Sep 18)
Pengram Corp. (PNGM) Properties Update

Contact Us

Pengram Corp
1200 Dupont Street
Suite 2J
Bellingham, WA 98225

Phone: 360-255-3436

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