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GRPR.QB - Grid Petroleum Corp.

Grid Petroleum Corp. – GRPR

Company Overview

Company report done by Cohen Independant Research Group Inc.

Grip Petroleum Corp. (OTCBB: GRPR), is a start-up stage oil and gas Company. The Company is engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas, primarily within the United States and Canada. Since alternative sources of energy will take a considerable amount of time to provide a significant contribution to energy supply, the country must support increased domestic drilling.
The Company believes that exploring, developing and producing oil and gas that will enable Grid Petroleum to reduce the country’s dependence on foreign oil and ensure significant returns for investors.
The Company is currently in a start-up phase and is focused on developing a strong management team, raising finances to fund asset-acquisition and commercialization of owned assets.

Analyst Coverage
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GRPR Properties
Kreyenhagen Trend acreage in the California shale play of the San Joaquin Basin is different than other unconventional oil plays like the Bakken and Eagle Ford oil plays; these unconventional shale zones, Kreyenhagen and Monterey, lay beneath long-established multi-billion barrel conventional oil discoveries, these source rocks are heavily fractured by regional tectonics, creating thick shale sections spanning 500-3500ft, which are accessible by vertical wells.
Steep anticline structures eliminate the need for costly fracturing necessary in other tight shale’s. The favorable result is a more profitable decline profile – lower initial production rates, but much slower decline.

Power Points for download
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Kreyenhagen Oil Seep Picture

Northwest Premont
Garcia #2

Download The Northwest Premont Investment Summary -February 2012

Garcia 2# Rig

Grid Petroleum Corp. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “GRPR”, and within the OTCQB market tier. As such, Business, Operational, and Financial information on GRPR is fully transparent and available to public view.

Visit: to see complete details.

Grid Petroleum Corp. is Active on the Nevada Secretary of State site:

Market Value: $1,912,604 a/o Sep 17, 2012
A/S : 1.5 Billion
O/S : 236,123,987 a/o Aug 07, 2012

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis , please contact the company or transfer agent to get the most current information.)
Incorporated In: NV, USA
Year of Inc.: 2006
Transfer Agent
President Stock Transfer
900-850 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, V6C 1E1
604 876 5526
Associated Companies/Security

PR Newswire – (Mon, Aug 27)
Garcia #3 Well Percussion Core Sample Analysis

PR Newswire – (Wed, Aug 22)
Garcia #3 Well to be Completed for Commercial Production Testing

PR Newswire – (Mon, Aug 20)
Garcia #3 Drilling has Reached Total Depth. Oil Shows Indicated.

PR Newswire – (Thu, Aug 16)
Garcia #3 Drilling Progress Report. Grid Petroleum Production Identifies Area of Interest.

PR Newswire – (Tue, Aug 14)
Grid Petroleum Corp. Provides Drilling Progress Report.

Contact Us

Grid Petroleum Corp.
999 18th Street
Suite 3000
Denver, CO 80202
United States – Map
Phone: 303-952-7658
Fax: 303-952-7659

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