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XcelMobility Inc. - XCLL

$XCLL ~ Overview

XcelMobility is a US based company primarily engaged in the research, development and commercialization of applications for mobile devices that access the Internet utilizing mobile phone networks. The company's current focus is in Asia, due to the size of the market and the high use of mobile devices to access the internet and the cloud.
XcelMobility executes its business model through several subsidiaries located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China.

XcelMobility's principal business is the design, testing and sale of software support mobile internet applications on cellular phones, smartphones, tablets and mobile computers in China. Our lead product is the Mach 5 browser. Mach 5 permits users to access the internet and the cloud in a secure environment 5 times faster than traditional mobile browsers. The speed and security permits faster, better access to the Cloud, as well as videos and social media applications.

Mach 5 is the application that enables users to have a faster, secure desktop experience on their mobile devices. Mobile access to the web, social media and the cloud is the future of communications and computing. Mobile access to information will change the way we access information and use the internet. XcelMobility has demonstrated it is ready for the mobile future today.

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Business Partners


XcelMobility is currently focused at establishing itself a the premier provider of applications to support mobile devices in Asia. The company's strategy to focus on Asia first is due to its large subscriber base and the high use of users using mobile devices to access the internet. According to Forrester Research, users in Japan and China use mobile devices to access the internet at almost double the rate than users in the United States:


SOURCE: The Data Digest: Urban China’s Mobile Internet Use Is Double That Of The US

Products and Services


Our Marquee Product is the Mach 5 Xcelerator, which provides users the fastest browsing experience available for your phone, tablet or mobile computer. The Mach 5 browser has been tested by some of the world's largest cellular carriers (China Telecom, China Unicom, Softbank and KDDI) and they have all independently verified that Mach 5 provides up to 5 times faster access to the internet than standard web browsers. This lighting fast speed is capable due to the advanced compression technology and banks of servers Xcelmobility has located in the markets it serves. This huge investment in software and strategically located networks provides the fastest access to the web for any device using a cellular carrier to connect to the internet. Mach 5 enables users to load applications, videos and web pages faster than ever. Its speed also enables users to utilize other sophisticated Xcelmobility applications as well as complex applications from other software companies that traditionally bog down and kill ordinary mobile browsers.

Over 1.3 million users and growing!

Why Smartphone Users love us

Can you imagine pulling out your phone and getting a stock quote up to 5 times faster? Loading your application without that annoying circle spinning around while you wait? Mach 5 will load your applications with lightning speed. Another key benefit of Mach 5 is that by loading your apps or the web at a fast speed, you use less bandwidth which means a much more efficient use of your data plan. Mach 5 delivers superior performance for mobile users.

Why cellular carriers love us

Wonder why all 3 of China's cellular carriers and the 3 largest Japanese cellular carriers have agreed to make Mach 5 available to their customers? The reason is that most carriers are struggling to keep up with the demand from their customers for data. By utilizing Mach 5 these networks can use existing infrastructure to push up to 5 times more data through. this means happier customers and the ability to delay adding more bandwidth to their networks.

Fast Access to the Cloud

With the Mach 5 browser access to the cloud has never been easier and faster. With the cloud being the future of computing it is imperative that mobile devices are able to quickly and securely access information and programs in the cloud. With Mach 5's incredible speed and security it is the perfect product for cloud computing and one of the key reasons that so many cellular carriers and manufacturers have chosen Mach 5 by Xcelmobility.

Desktop feel

Another great benefit to Mach 5 is that it is designed like a desktop browser. You don't need to figure out special mobile browser features. If you use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome you will feel at home using Mach 5.

XcelMobility provides products for mobile devices like smartphone, tablets and mobile computers. The company also provides an enterprise solution to securely speed up mobile users access to virtual private networks (VPN). The focus of our business has been the development of products to support mobile devices. Currently XcelMobility is aggressively establishing itself as a key provider of products in the Chinese and Japanese mobile internet markets.

We have targeted these markets due to their size and the competitive advantage we have developed through unique licensing and corporate relationships. We intend to expand into Europe as well as North and South America.
In terms of our VPN product we will establish a separate and unique sales force and will begin to expand sales of this product beyond China, into North America and Europe in the next 12 to 18 months.


Our other products utilize the speed of Mach 5 which enables us to provide sophisticated and complex products that would bog down using other browsers. The other products XcelMobility currently is offering are:

Mach 5 Wireless
– Internet accelerator for mobile laptop/netbook users and soon, the iPad.
Mach 5 Mobile – Internet accelerator and cell phone optimizer browser for mobile cell phone users
Mach 5 Mail – Device independent push mail delivery system. Works with the majority of smart and not so smart cell phones on the market today.
Mach 5 Video – Mobile video accelerator. Offering the TV experience over mobile networks.
Mach 5 LBS – Recently introduced mobile location based tracking service for smartphone users. Find lost phones; locate important people, market directly to location based cell phones. The applications for LBS are endless. Today XcelMobility is the first in China to offer this exciting new technology for cell phone subscribers.
Mach 5 Security – Through an exclusive partnership with NetQin, CC Power offers cell phone virus protection software to all its subscribers.
Mach 5 Enterprise – Secure and reliable Internet accelerator specifically designed for each enterprises needs and uses.

XcelMobility Inc. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, “XCLL”, and within the OTCQB market tier. As such, Business, operational and financial information on XCLL is fully transparent and available to public view.

Visit http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/XCLL/company-info to see complete details

XcelMobility Inc. is Active on the Nevada Secretary of State site:

Market Value: $25,800,000 a/o Apr 27, 2012
A/S : 100 Million Per state of Nevada
O/S : 60 Million per transfer Agent Phone conversation 4/30/12

(Please note the share structure posted is what we have gathered but can change on a daily basis , please contact the company or transfer agent to get the most current information )

10-K reported 3/30/12 period ending 12/31/11

Incorporated In: NV,USA

Year of Inc.: 2007

Company Notes:
Formerly=Advanced Messaging Solutions Inc. until 3-2011

Transfer Agent

Securities Transfer Corporation
2591 Dallas Parkway Suite 102
Frisco Texas 75034
Phone: 469-633-0101
Fax: 469-633-0088

Marketwire(Mon 9:00AM EDT)
XcelMobility Concludes Exclusive Indonesian Supply Contract With ZTE Corp.

Marketwire (Mon, Apr 23)
XcelMobility Announces 2nd Supply Contract Negotiations Underway With ZTE Corporation, World's 3rd Largest Telco Equipment Manufacturer

Marketwire (Tue, Apr 10)

XcelMobility Mach 5 Enabled USB Modems Experiencing Strong Sales

Marketwire (Tue, Mar 20)

XcelMobility Increases Technical Staff to Keep Pace With Growth

Marketwire (Mon, Mar 12)
XcelMobility Announces Retail Launch of Mach 5 Products in Japan

Marketwire (Mon, Mar 5)

XcelMobility Signs LOI With Clickoo to Market Mach 5 Push Mail in Japan

Marketwire (Wed, Feb 29)

XcelMobility Enters Discussions With China Mobile to Target Mobile Corporate Workforce

Contact Us
XcelMobility Inc.
303 Twin Dolphins Drive, Suite 600
Redwood City, CA 94065
E-mail: info@xcelmobility.com
Website: http://www.xcelmobility.com/

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