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Beacon Enterprise Solutions Inc. - BEAC

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BEAC Business Description
Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. and subsidiaries is a provider of international and regional telecommunications and technology systems infrastructure services, encompassing a comprehensive suite of consulting, design, installation, and infrastructure management offerings. Beacon's portfolio of infrastructure services spans all professional and construction requirements for design, build and management of telecommunications, network and technology systems infrastructure. Professional services offered include consulting, engineering, program management, project management, construction services and infrastructure management services. Beacon offers these services under a comprehensive contract vehicle or unbundled to some global and regional clients. Beacon also offers special services in support of qualified projects in the smart buildings/campuses/cities and data center verticals. Finally, Beacon provides managed information technology and telecommunications services in selected local markets.
Recent Contracts Total Over $10 Million

Recent contract awards are indicative of an enhanced services approach to major clients and projects.   Since June 2011, Beacon has announced contact awards with multiple Fortune 1000 clients totaling over $10 million.

On June 23, Beacon announced two different contracts totaling $1.2 million.  The first contract for $900,000 was for an existing Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firm to provide professional services to assess and document over 30 sites throughout the world.  The second contract announced the same day was for a national grocery chain to implement a prototype ITS solution in approximately 100 stores that has the capacity to grow throughout the over 2,000 stores nationwide.

On August 16, Beacon announced a $4 million contract with ICS, a prime contractor for the Washington Mass Transit Authority Red Metro line to provide various professional services ITS infrastructure services for the client.  As well, another contract was executed with the same federal contractor totaling $3.4 million to implement a wireless tracking solution.

On September 14, 2011, Beacon announced a $500,000 project to provide fiber-optic cabling for a long-term client in one of its US locations. Completion is expected before the end of the calendar year.   On October 5, an additional contract engagement was signed with the same client worth an estimated $1,330,000, totaling $1,830,000 in newly signed ITS infrastructure business.

Corporate Profile Video

Beacon Solutions was formed by the merger of four independently successful companies in the IT and Telecom service sectors. These organizations came together to create a unique, fully integrated, single source IT/Telecom company.

BEAC Beacon Enterprise Solutions

 CEO Bruce Widener presents Global ITS Managed Services

Today, Beacon Solutions is a leading provider of technology and telecommunications services, from software development and infrastructure design to interconnect voice/data and systems integration.

For over 30 years, our team has enabled companies in a variety of industries to dramatically reduce costs, improve product quality, and enhance overall corporate performance. We offer complete, integrated solutions to our clients that leverage best-in-class products and services to inspire confidence in a connected world.

Today more than 4,000 companies, from small businesses to Fortune 500 firms, have chosen Beacon, including: Merck & Co., UPS, Volvo, Gap Inc., Papa John's, Nationwide, Mack Trucks and LensCrafters. Beacon's end-to-end, industry-specific solutions drive increased efficiency, build competitive advantage, and help companies become more innovative.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, Beacon maintains offices in Cincinnati, Ohio; Columbus, Ohio; Mangalore, India and services clients globally.
Beacon Service Solutions

Design and Engineering

Virtually any project, large or small, starts with some manner of design. Rarely however does a “field engineered” solution work as intended and can often take longer to complete than a well thought out installation. Great designs also start with planning and end with documentation that provides value long after the initial installation.

Beacon Solutions is your complete source for both thought provoking innovation in IT design to making sure your smallest installations are completed quickly, competently, and professionally.

ITS Managed Services

ITS Managed Services means having one number to call to handle moves, adds, changes, deletions, and project work for your cabling infrastructure. And imagine if that person on the other end of the line knows your facility or building layout; who your favorite contractor is; the brand of product used; and the installation standard that your company requires. And can meet SLA (Service Level Agreements) as short as four hours. Oh, and in over ten languages globally.

Combine all of this with our Documentation services and you have a complete and powerful solution to managing your Layer One (cabling) network.

Beacon Solutions. There is no other company that does what we do.

Smart Enterprise

Smart Enterprise is the newest Beacon Solution providing IT and Facilities managers with actionable data to put the intelligence into smart buildings and data centers.

It begins with a user configured dashboard that provides visibility to data and analytics that are updated at a level defined by the needs of your operation. The simple to use WYSIWYG editor enables the integrator and end user to create and save custom views and dashboards for real-time and historic data but also retain the capability for ad-hoc analysis of the same data. Smart Enterprise can accommodate all data visualization needs


The business climate of today requires decisive and rapid action when implementing IT solutions and services. Accordingly, these projects are often accomplished without regard for what is already deployed and reusable or in conjunction with other divisions are doing within the same company.

Many of our clients have found that having accurate and continuously updated documentation to be of great value and something that can pay for itself when viewed over a term as short as two years. No one would run a business without accurate accounting of equipment and real estate. Why should your cabling infrastructure be any different?

Data Centers

Data Centers have become the nerve center of every enterprise.  Their importance cannot be either overstated or their design commoditized.  Just like the human brain each client’s data center(s) are crafted to consolidate the vast amount of data, processing, and output that complex business operations produce.

Integration, convergence, and efficiency are the drivers of contemporary data center design.  Beacon Solutions and its strategic partners can optimize your new data center or update an existing site with a studied approach to business analysis, state of the art design processes, and management of the execution phase.

But Beacon goes a step further.  We won’t abandon you when the keys are turned over.  Commissioning; day two management; moves – adds – changes to infrastructure:  all take a toll on the performance, uptime, and efficiency. In combination with Smart Enterprise software, our Central Service Desks, and continuing engineering support Beacon can make the technology lifecycle management of complex data centers a successful reality

Construction Management

One of the most popular and least understood services provided by Beacon Solutions is Construction Management. Sounds simple, and if you only have one project it may be something you can handle.

But what if you are building or outfitting ITS infrastructure for sites across the country or around the globe? Does your company have the manpower to manage diverse requirements from region to region or country to country? Sourcing, organizing, training, documenting, and leading are the core of Construction Management at Beacon Solutions

Outside Plant Cabling

The Beacon Solutions OSP or Outside Plant division provides engineering, drawings, project, and construction management through our in-house resources and Environmental Engineering plus actual construction though our project team members.

Headed by industry veteran Bill Purcell, Beacon OSP can deliver the resources and services your project demands from creating proposals to final turnover. In addition, Beacon also offers long term customer support whether providing a 24 hour Central Service Desk or field service technicians for break-fix and maintenance


Outsourcing can provide your enterprise with flexibility and efficiency while keep you focused on your core business. Beacon Solutions exports a variety of skilled technical personnel for positions globally or can manage and train local support technicians for your requirements

Management Services Team

We are Infrastructure, Video, Voice, Data and Security Experts, delivering solutions to our clients that solve their business problems. What makes us unique is our ability to identify the financial impact associated with the business issues and deliver a measurable ROI. Our Technical Staff of Engineers and Technicians Design, Procure, Implement, Support and Manage tier one technologies using industry best practices and proven methodologies focusing on reducing the total cost of ownership while improving the end users experience and productivity.

Our Managed Service offering is typically calculated on a per user with one low price per month. This not only allows for flexibility it gives each company the ability to manage and predict IT expenses without the peaks and valleys. Our all you can eat or technical support needed approach covers both proactive and reactive services, backed by our SLA ensures end users technology will support their efforts.

Spyware, Adware, Trojans, Viruses build up in the registry and on the system every time a user get on the internet, very quickly crippling the very livelihood of your business. Beacon’s expert staff will systematically, quickly and efficiently restore baseline images on a regular and pre-scheduled basis to make sure your most valuable asset (people) are as productive as possible. All of our products and services are offered as a bundle or individually and is completely customizable. Many of our larger clients have found our subscription style desktop (LCM) Lifecycle Management Solution eliminates time consuming practices of cascading older technologies, management of the helpdesk, PC break fix, and patch management allows their Senior Engineering Staff to focus on the strategic and business critical systems. They can execute their task with complete confidence that the latest patches, updates are applied and vulnerabilities eliminated, keeping their security policies intact and network secure.

LCM includes everything from procurement, configuration, data migration, image management, help desk, remote and desk side support, break fix, asset tracking and built in obsolescence management up to and including asset disposal. Almost any technology can be included and added as the business grows, desktops / laptops, Servers, telephones, software, firewalls, routers, switches and cabling allowing our clients pick and choose the infrastructure or technologies they want supported and managed


Beacon Enterprise Solutions Group, Inc. is a fully reporting SEC company, publicly traded on the OTC Market under the symbol, BEAC, and within the OTCQB market tier.  As such, Business, operational and financial information on BEAC is fully transparent and available to public view.  

Visit  http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BEAC/quote  for more information.

Market Value1:$16,478,614     a/o Dec 12, 2011   
A/S :------------70million
O/S :------------37,611,396 million

[b]10-K reported 12/12/11 period ending 9/30/11[/b]

Shareholders of Record:  215     a/o Dec 5, 2011  per Last 10-K
SIC - Industry Classification:  4813 - Telephone communication, except radio
Incorporated In:------------------- NV, USA

Year of Inc.:  2007
Security Notes:----- Capital Change=shs decreased by 1 for 13 split. Pay date=12/29/2006.

Company Notes:  Formerly=Suncrest Global Energy Corp. until 2-2008

Source: otcmarket.com, www.bloomberg.com, www.finance.yahoo.com
(these are only sources and not always up to date)

Management Team

Chairman and CEO
airman and CEOBruce Widenerleads Beacon Enterprise Solutions with more than nineteen years of industry experience. He is recognized as one of the founding employees of UniDial Communications/Lightyear Network Solutions, a private company that grew from start-up to over $220,000,000 in sales within six years. At Lightyear, Mr. Widener was responsible for product development and IT as well as mergers & acquisitions and was the driving force behind several significant initiatives. Prior to joining Lightyear, Mr. Widener held positions at WorldTel Services, LiTel/LCI International and Charter Network.

President and Chief Operating Officer
Gerald L. Bowman brings over twenty-five years of experience to the company. Prior to Beacon Enterprise Solutions, he served as Managing Director and Vice President of Enterprise Global Services for CommScope, Chief Operating Officer for Superior Systems Technologies, Vice President of Engineering at Riser Management Systems, and Vice President and General Manager of VARtek. Mr. Bowman has also been a featured speaker and thought leader for publications and organizations such as ASIS, BICSI, ISSA, and InfraGard.

Chief Administrative Officer
Victor Agrusohas accumulated more than twenty years of strategic planning, organization, development, and talent management experience in a variety of public and private sector industries with organizations ranging in size from emerging growth to Fortune 100 companies. Mr. Agruso has held global human resources executive positions with Nike, Hallmark Cards, Humana, and Maritz. He holds two Master's degrees from Harvard University focused on organization and human resources development.

Vice President Corporate Controller and Treasurer
Scott Fitzpatrickmore than 25 years of accounting/finance experience with growth-oriented public companies, which includes serving as Corporate Controller and Director/Manager for multi-location companies in both service and manufacturing industries. His expertise encompasses international accounting, SEC and internal financial reporting, GAAP compliance, financial analysis, budgeting, and many other financial and operational areas.


    * 9300 Shelbyville Road
    * Suite 1000
    * Louisville, KY 40222
    * Website: http://www.askbeacon.com
    * Phone: 502-657-3500
         * Fax:      502-657-3500
    * Email: investors@askbeacon.com

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