Thursday, September 22, 2011

Louisiana Food Company Announces Its New "The Quarter's" Pasta Sauce


Louisiana Food Company Announces Its New "The Quarter's" Pasta Sauce

Company's First Sauce Product to Reach Shelves Early Fourth Quarter

Press Release Source: Louisiana Food Company On Wednesday September 21, 2011, 5:00 pm EDT
BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Louisiana Food Company (OTCBB:LUSI.ob - News), a purveyor of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products, today introduced the first of its fresh sauce product line, an Italian marinara-style red pasta sauce.  LUSI's sauce products will be marketed under the company's "The Quarter's" brand name, in a tribute to the French Quarter of New Orleans and its proud culinary history.  LUSI plans to make the first deliveries of its The Quarter's Pasta Sauce early in the fourth quarter of this year.  Shortly thereafter, The Quarter's Pasta Sauce will be available online at
"We are extremely proud of our fresh-made The Quarter's Pasta Sauce," said David Loflin, LUSI's President.  "This flavor-rich sauce is an excellent rendition of a classic Italian marinara-style red sauce, with, as we like to say, a dash of New Orleans cooked in.  We believe our dash of New Orleans will make this sauce a favorite," Mr. Loflin added.  
As with all of LUSI's other products, the labeling for The Quarter's Pasta Sauce is distinctive and eye-catching and includes a story inspired by the history, the culture and the people of South Louisiana:
"The French Quarter of New Orleans is, above all else, the epicenter of a mysterious intertwining of the cultures and traditions of The Quarter's settlers and immigrants, each shared, neighbor to neighbor, over hundreds of years.  The Quarter's Pasta Sauce™ is our tribute to the Italian immigrants of the Early 19th Century who brought their own culinary influences to the kitchens of New Orleans.  The dash of New Orleans that we cook into every pot of The Quarter's Pasta Sauce™ is sure to transport you back to those horse-drawn carriage days, to the friendly conversations on the corner of Bourbon and Orleans Streets . . . Salute! — continued at
Capturing South Louisiana
From the outset, LUSI's management has believed that the rich and diverse cultural heritage of South Louisiana would provide a natural source of inspiration for its product labels.  As works of art, LUSI's product labels capture the movement and energy that is South Louisiana – they are "eye-grabbers", and retailer and consumer response to the labels has been extremely positive.
About Louisiana Food Company
LUSI is devoted to locating, developing and commercializing food-related business opportunities in the State of Louisiana.  Currently, LUSI has established three lines of "Certified" Louisiana specialty food products: PACKAGED DRY PRODUCTS (marketed under LUSI's "Louisiana Food Company" brand name), (2) SAUCE PRODUCTS (to be marketed under LUSI's "The Quarter's" brand name) and (3) COFFEE PRODUCTS (marketed under LUSI's "Voodoo Roast" brand name).  LFC's specialty food products are sold through distributors, directly to retail grocery stores, directly to other retailers and directly to consumers through its online store located at:
Contact: Eddie Cruz – Acer Communications, Inc. – 949-390-0111.


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